All hair removal and exfoliation should be done the day prior to your spray tanning appointment. This will ensure that any dry skin is removed, creating the perfect canvas for your spray tan.

Do not wear any makeup, perfumes, moisturisers or deodorants to your tanning service. Please notify your tanning therapist prior to the tan if you wear long lasting deodorants.


Your tanning therapist will discuss with you exactly what you want to achieve. The right formula will be selected for you and they will advise you exactly when to rinse the product off.


Wear dark loose clothes and flip flops after your tanning service and stay cool!

Rinsing the product off at the prescribed time is crucial. Start by rinsing your legs in the shower first and working your way up the body. Your rinse should only be for 2-3 minutes

Do not use any soaps or shampoos during this rinse, pat your skin dry.

Moisturise after every shower 

Avoid long hot showers and chlorinated pools for the next 7-10 days.

Don’t forget to rebook your next spray tanning service and..

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